GreenClad™ Insulated Façade System is our choice.

In a nutshell - GreenClad™ Cladding System - is a reinforced lightweight insulated cladding system for use on exterior walls of Residential, Industrial and Commercial buildings.

EIFS - Exterior Insulation and finishing systems.

For detailed specifications, please refer to GreenClad™ Products Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Features of the GreenClad Direct Fix EIFS Cladding System


Structure Stability

The frame structure is built in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and with the relevant Australian Standards, for instance, AS 1684-2006 for Timber Frame, and AS 3623-1993 and AS/NZS 4600-2005 for Residential and Low-rise Steel Framing.


Thermal Insulation
Thermal & Energy satisfy the AS1366 Part 3-1992 Rigid Cellular Polystyrene Moulded Class ‘M’ Grade (Medium Grade) standards and tests.



Performance requirements for bushfire areas, flame retardant, water penetration by static & cyclic pressures, wind pressures. The coated GreenClad™ panels are water resistant, though panel material allows for the transmission of water vapour. This means the external face of a building is allowed to ‘breath’.


Decorative exterior wall finish

All panels are coated and reinforced with an exterior GreenClad™ Cladding System consisting of two coats of polymeric render (base coat) and one coat of acrylic texture coat having a minimum coating thickness of 6mm.



GreenClad™ System has two panel options:


Option 1 is the Virgin EPS panel, which comes in Plain or Vented. The Vented EPS panel allows the cavity to breathe better thanks the Plain EPS panel, in humid and wet conditions.


Option 2 is the pre-rendered factory coated panels. By pre-rendering with polymer-modified render and alkaline-resistant fibreglass mesh,  then only the joints need coating after installation.


Both Options come is 2 sizes, wind classes and panel thicknesses.

GreenClad™ Insulated Façade System (EIFS) / Wall Cladding System is made up of Grade M expanded polystyrene (EPS) moulded panels, directly anchored to wall frame and reinforced with an exterior GreenClad Coating System to provide durable strength and high impact weather resistance.


GreenClad™ Cladding System is easy to install. Its lightweight, rigid construction enables it to be easily transported, unloaded and maneuvered onto any building site. This contributes to fast construction times and reduced construction costs.

GreenClad EPS Panel
Standard Sizes, Area & Thickness
Size 1 - 1.2m x 2.4m
Area - 2.88m2
75mm, 100mm
Size 2 - 1.2m x 4.8m
Area – 5.76m2
75mm, 100mm

Cross-section of the GreenClad™ Walling System

foamfast cladding, fencing, seat & stone veneer
foamfast cladding, with architectural molds
foamfast cladding
foamfast cladding


GreenClad™ offers the GreenClad™ coating on one side and is suitable for both straight and curved wall applications.

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